City Hall Woerden


The renewal of the Woerden town hall is aimed at a combination of reduction, modernization and sustainability. Energetically, the town hall has made a leap of more than six steps from label G to label A +++, the second highest attainable. Part of the revitalization is increasing climatic comfort through, among other things, the application of 4500m² of climate ceilings.

Development of smart facade coves and taking into account low installation height


The first challenge within this project was to develop a visually attractive ceiling, taking into account the low installation heights. We succeeded in this by using a space-saving hanging system, choosing a color scheme that accentuates the height of the building and finally the use of stylish coves for a seamless connection with the facade.

In addition, together with Nelissen Ingenieursbureau, Inteco has come up with a smart solution, in the form of a facade cove, to make the cooling ceilings as airtight as possible and thus to allow the warm air extraction system to function as well as possible at the location of the sun blinds.


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BAM Bouw en Techniek - Regio Midden
Interior Architect
cepezedinterieur Delft
Installation Advisor
Nelissen Ingenieursbureau
BAM Bouw en Techniek - Regio Midden

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We aim for optimal comfort experience and will make any compromises.

Inteco's motto is: 'Comfort without Compromise'. We use our creativity, experience and expertises to fully integrate ceilings into the building concept.

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When doing so, sustainability serves as a benchmark

Inteco's ceiling solutions go hand-in-hand with the life cycle of the building. This is not only environment-friendly, but also offers the most financial benefits to clients. We also take into account what will happen to ceilings after their life span.

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