OVG Las Palmas


OVG Real Estate is a Rotterdam-based project developer and constructed its head office in the form of a penthouse above a renovated building from the 1930s. The penthouse has distinctive architecture partly because of the arched-glass front walls.

Challenge: Use of curved expanded metal.


The architect, Benthem Crouwel, played an important role in this prestigious project. The building has a unique design, which consists of long, oval glass surfaces and arched front walls and many differences in height. Inteco was involved in the process from the very outset because the climate ceiling had to be designed in accordance with the building's unique shape. ‘Is it possible to incorporate curved and activated expanded metal into a ceiling?’ This was necessary due to the amount of glass used in the building, which created a need for higher cooling capacity. Due to our extensive experience in realising bespoke projects, it was only natural that the installation advisor and owner decided to opt for Inteco.


Building on many years of experience with metal ceilings, this was a unique challenge which the technical team at Inteco was very enthusiastic about being involved in. A specially developed mould was used to give the Meandro climate element the required arched shape. The copper panel on the Meandro element can be easily curved, which made it ideal for this purpose. A mock-up of the application was created and its aesthetic properties were evaluated by the client. When the time came for assembly, the arched climate panels were mounted on the metal frame. An interesting detail is that the bottom section of the front wall, which also features an arched climate ceiling, can be walked on. The OVG Las Palmas project is a project that the whole team is very proud of. Intensive interaction between the project team, architect and client allowed us to meet all the design requirements and show Inteco at its very best. The project literally showcases the distinctive capacity of Inteco. And that's something the jury for the Job Dura Prize agreed with because Inteco together with Benthem Crouwel architects was awarded this great prize.

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OVG Real Estate
Warmtebouw Utrecht
Benthem Crouwel

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