How a climate ceiling operates

Energy exchange based on radiation - for a comfortable indoor climate

If you are looking for a comfortable indoor climate for your building, climate ceilings will offer you all the possibilities to realize this. On this page we will explain how a climate ceiling works.

A climate ceiling is a so-called transfer system which allows areas to be cooled and/or heated.

The basis for a structural (metal) ceiling featuring water-bearing climate elements. This means cold and hot water can be transported depending on whether heat or cold is needed in the concerned space. Energy exchange primarily takes place based on radiation, which is perceived as very pleasant. This contrasts with so-called all-air or convective systems, like e.g. ventilator convector or split units, where energy transfer takes place via the air .

In climate ceilings, air supply is determined by the need for fresh air and not by the required cooling capacity. This means there is less air circulation in the area than under convective systems, with little chance of draught. Temperature can be adjusted per room or configuration area. Depending on the configured and measured temperature, an automatic valve, which manages water supply to the climate ceiling, will be operated. The amount of water in the ceiling determines the capacity a climate ceiling offers and thus the temperature in the concerned space.

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Cooling with a convective system --> Air as energy carrier

Cooling capacity realised by supplying cold air (draught)
A lot of plenum height needed due to large air ducts

Cooling based on radiation with climate ceiling –> water as energy carrier

Cooling capacity provided via radiation
(no air movement = comfortable)
Little plenum height needed due to smaller air ducts
(less air needed)

What are the possibilities?

Inteco has 3 types of climate systems: a copper, a plastic diffusion open and a plastic diffusion-sealed climate system. These systems are applicable in the following types of ceilings:
- Metal climate ceilings
- Stretchmetal climate ceilings
- Climate Ceilings Islands
- Stucco climate ceilings

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Inteco's expertise

If you want a climate solution with a distinctive capacity, you are at the right place at Inteco. Inteco's climate ceilings are developed in-house and produced from the Inteco R & D and production facility in the Netherlands. In addition, we can build on the years of expertise of our advisors in the field of renovation, design and durability. All these forces together enable us to anticipate flexibly and creatively on your customized issues.

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