Metal climate ceilings

Unprecedented choice

Many companies and offices are developing a new and contemporary style of work, which is characterised by flexibility and efficiency. Architects are responding to this with ceilings that are easy to modify, among other things. Inteco's metal climate ceilings offer unprecedented choice and surprising application possibilities.


Copper climate system for cooling and heating

The MeandRo climate system, which has been developed and patented by Inteco, is a copper diffusion-proof radiant panel that is unique in ...

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Plastic diffusion-proof climate system for cooling and heating

The OxzeRo radiant panel has been fully developed in-house by Inteco and offers the perfect balance between price and quality. The OxzeRo...

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Plastic diffusion-open climate system for cooling and heating

The AdeRo system is a plastic diffusion-open climate system, which is characterised by major flexibility for activating ceiling panels. T...

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The climate system with the optimum price-quality ratio

The MecuRo system is a cross between the Inteco MeandRo and OxzeRo systems. The copper tube registers and flexible hoses from MeandRo are...

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Concealed Grid

Absence of a visible mounting structure

The Concealed Grid systems from Inteco are characterized by the absence of a visible mounting structure. The even lines give a calm image...

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Lineair Grid

The ideal office size

Those who prefer an uncomplicated and yet versatile solution opt for Inteco's metal Linear Grid system. The partition walls are mounted u...

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Problem-free insertion in difficult spaces

Inteco's T-Grid is a simple inlay system, consisting of narrow T-shaped grids in a somewhat smaller square or rectangular modulation. Thi...

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Quad Grid 100 / 200

Stability and flexibility in two directions

Inteco's Quad Grid 100 system gives you the opportunity to place system walls in parallel or at right angles to the facade under the resp...

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We are at your disposal to offer suitable solutions

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