Our employees

The driving force behind all our great projects.

The Inteco team is a nice mix of people who specialise in various disciplines. Together, they have amassed hundreds of years' experience in the ceiling industry. They transform the ceiling challenges of our customers into solutions we can be proud of!

Albert Brouwer
Albert Brouwer Head of Sales Back Office

+31(0)6 111 588 98

André van Abeelen
André van Abeelen Technical Commercial Back office Assistant

+31(0)6 528 753 47

Mario van Esch
Mario van Esch Technical Commercial Back office Assistant

+31(0)6 528 685 96

Toine Vermeulen
Toine Vermeulen Head of Sales Department

+31(0)6 533 508 23

Yvonne Broekman
Yvonne Broekman Marketing Communication Adviser

+31(0)6 526 881 59