20th Storey Erasmus building completed

Climate ceilings
Inteco metal climate ceiling

On 9 July 2015, the contractor finalised and completed the 20th storey of the Erasmus building at the Universitair Vastgoed bedrijf (university property department).

The Radboud Docenten Academie (lecturer's academy) occupies the south side of the 20th storey. Besides their new workplace, employees can also access work areas where they can concentrate and have confidential discussions, as well as representative areas where they can receive students and customers or have informal discussion. Electricity and data connections run from the ceiling, via special ducts, to desks where people will soon work. The climate system has also been modified. The previous system, which was based on a layout with small offices, has been replaced by a streamlined metal ceiling featuring pipes for water supply. The hot or cold water makes the metal ceiling radiate heat or cold'.

The university's website features a description of the new layout.

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